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Israel - a Light unto Nations? 

A.J. Deus, March 25, 2011  
The mother of racism, prejudice, terrorism, and other evils is exposed with a closer look at the inner workings of Israel’s extremist Ultra-Orthodox leadership.
Two new laws in Israel permit discrimination on religious grounds.
  • The Nakba bill allows the removal of funds from groups if they commemorate Israel’s Independence Day as a day of mourning. This targets Muslim and Christian Arabs, who view this day as a catastrophe.
  • The second new law allows for the screening of new residents in small communities for their social fit. This serves to keep Muslim and Christian Arabs out of Jewish communities.  
The remarkable issue comes out of the hearings for these discriminatory laws: Jeremy Ben-Ami is the founder of a moderate Israeli advocacy group in Washington, J Street, that bases its work on respect and open dialogue. He thinks that the rightward shift in Israel’s parliament toward Ultra-Orthodoxy “only weakens Israel and the Jewish people to make differences of opinion into something greater and to accuse those who criticize Israeli policy of being anti-Israel or worse."
The centrist Kadima party member, Otniel Schneller, wanted to expose J Street for what they believed it to be—a group of self-doubting American Jews more worried about what their neighbors say than what is good for the state of Israel.
“This is a dispute between those who care what non-Jews will say and those who believe in being a light unto nations, between the mentality of exile and that of redemption," Mr. Schneller said. “J Street is not a Zionist organization. It offers love with strings attached. They say, ‘We love you only if you behave the way we like.’ "
Mr. Schneller does not seem to realize that there is indeed such a thing as tough love. Neither does Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the radical Ultra-Orthodox master, who consistently refused to meet with J Street officials. They think that criticism of Israeli policy is unpatriotic.
However, the key is what Netanyahu, Schneller, and other fundamentalist Ultra-Orthodox Jews believe in:
They see themselves as “being a light unto nations."
Letting that sink in slowly, it exposes an attitude of (religious) superiority and arrogance that is not tolerable. As laid out in the new book, The Great Leap-Fraud – Social Economics of Religious Terrorism, this is the mother of racism and of all evils that follow from a prescribed mission for the Chosen People to lead the world. The redemption of Israel entails a much larger area, eternally prescribed in the Torah as Canaan, stretching from the Euphrates River to the Sinai Peninsula. For this end, the Ultra-Orthodox don’t hesitate to sacrifice their own kind and to root out the Palestinians as well as whoever else will be in their way. It is this same superiority complex that has gotten the Jews in trouble for over 2,000 years.
Rather than other countries in the Middle East, Israel needs disarming. It is a country that has treated the will of the United Nations with contempt for many decades and will continue to do so for eternity. The Jewish people need to be protected from Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox extremists turning against them by drawing them and America into a greater clash of civilizations with billions of lives at risk. The Ultra-Orthodox need to be isolated and outcast.
A.J. Deus
Author of The Great Leap-Fraud – Social Economics of Religious Terrorism
Source of news material: Ethan Brunner, U.S. Group Stirs Debate on Being ‘Pro-Israel’, New York Times, March 24, 2011.


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