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Working Paper Series
A.J. Deus working papers dig into historically significant eras by systematically putting preference to primary evidence over traditional accounts. The working papers are available for free at the following links: 
The Umayyad Conversion to Islam  
Muhammad and the Umayyads
Systemic Risk:
“Doomsday should not be until the year 10000." This statement in The Great Leap-Fraud that Deus had made in connection with the social economics of religion did not let him rest. The burning question was what the odds are that the Doomsday agony of the religious masses could turn into a self-fulfilling prophesy. They want to see the end of the world in all sorts of signs, and the secular mind dismisses them easily as fancies. Hence, the task at hand is to find out what the religious people see that the rest of mankind do not recognize. In that sense, Systemic Risk begins where The Great Leap-Fraud ended: with religious terrorism. Systemic Risk makes the case that America--and along with them the rest of the western world--is spending a sizable amount of GDP for homeland security and defense, while the biggest potential threats are being neglected: natural and human super disasters. 
The expected publication date is beginning of 2012.
The Great Leap-Fraud:

While providing an overview of three major religions—Judaism, Christianity,
and Islam—The Great Leap-Fraud uncovers a series of frauds and premeditated
deployment of “prophets"? with the goal to establish or redeem the Jewish state of
Israel. It also uncovers how the vested interest of Christian historians has pushed
the rise of Christianity unto Roman Emperors. Deus shows that the way humans
think and act are strongly influenced by a culture driven by the norms of religious
organizations, both past and present.

Volume I is available for purchase from February 2011.

The expected publication date is Mar/Apr 2011 for Volume II.






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